Custom Tailor Made Safaris VS Scheduled Safaris In Africa?

Custom Tailor Made Safaris – With the rapid advancement of online internet bookings, safari enthusiasts now have the convenience of booking their adventures through various online platforms. Platforms like TripAdvisor offer a plethora of pre-packaged safari tours readily available for booking. This trend has seen a surge in the number of travelers opting for pre-planned safari packages.

However, there’s a notable difference between booking a pre-planned safari and opting for a personalized, handcrafted safari curated by an African Safari Specialist. While pre-planned safaris offer convenience and ease of booking, personalized safaris provide a tailored experience designed to meet individual preferences and interests.

One key distinction lies in the flexibility and customization options available with personalized safaris. African Safari Specialists work closely with travelers to understand their specific requirements, preferences, and budget constraints, crafting unique itineraries that cater to their needs. On the other hand, pre-planned safaris may have fixed itineraries and limited room for customization.

Furthermore, personalized safaris often offer a higher level of expertise and guidance. African Safari Specialists possess in-depth knowledge of local destinations, wildlife habitats, and cultural experiences, allowing them to create immersive and authentic safari experiences for travelers. This personalized approach ensures that travelers receive expert guidance and support throughout their journey, enhancing the overall safari experience.


Safari Prices / Offers

Opting for a scheduled group safari or tour is often driven by the desire for affordability. Travelers find that joining a group can significantly reduce costs, as shared expenses such as accommodation and transportation are divided among the group members. Additionally, group tours often offer discounts for booking multiple properties within the same chain of accommodation, further contributing to cost savings. However, it’s important to note that the location of these properties may not always align with travelers’ preferences, particularly during peak seasons like migration in Tanzania.

Shared costs, including road transfers, safari vehicles, and guides, are significantly impacted by the number of people in the group. Joining a small group on a pre-planned tour with set departure dates can result in substantial savings compared to individual bookings. While bespoke, hand-crafted safaris tailored for two individuals typically come at a higher cost, they offer a personalized and tailored experience.

Despite budget considerations, travelers should not solely focus on low-cost package excursions. With the assistance of an African Safari specialist, it’s possible to create a personalized safari experience within a modest budget. Careful selection of lodging and transportation options can help optimize costs without compromising on the quality of the safari experience. Planning and booking well in advance are key to securing budget-friendly accommodations, as popular lodges and camps tend to fill up quickly.

Personal Preferences


Opting for a personalized safari offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to handpick accommodations, activities, and services tailored to your preferences. By communicating your budget, travel timeframe, preferences, and requirements to your African Safari specialist, they collaborate with you to curate the perfect itinerary.

Whether you have specific accommodations in mind or seek recommendations from your specialist, a personalized safari empowers you to make informed decisions based on your preferences. Your specialist will work diligently to accommodate your requests, ensuring that your safari experience aligns seamlessly with your expectations.

While customization offers immense flexibility, it’s essential to note that availability can be limited for sought-after accommodations and activities. For instance, popular establishments like Giraffe Manor in Kenya often fill up months in advance. To secure your preferred choices, it’s advisable to plan and book well in advance, allowing ample time for reservations and arrangements. By proactively preparing, you can maximize the potential of your personalized safari experience and ensure a memorable journey tailored to your tastes and preferences.


African Safaris

African safaris should definitely be on your bucket list! Africa offers an abundance of incredible experiences, from breathtaking landscapes and welcoming people to rich cultural heritage and serene beaches. However, it’s the wildlife and safari adventures that truly set it apart.

Itinerary Flexibility


One notable advantage of a personalized safari is its adaptability. Unlike scheduled safari or tour packages with fixed itineraries, a personalized safari offers flexibility and customization. When booking a scheduled tour, you’re bound by the predetermined itinerary without the option to make changes. Any alterations or additions to the itinerary, such as extending your stay in a particular wildlife area, are not feasible within the confines of a group tour.

Conversely, a hand-crafted safari provides the opportunity for collaboration and input. Your African safari specialist engages with you to understand your interests, preferences, and desired experiences. They then tailor an itinerary that can be adjusted and enriched based on your feedback. This flexibility allows you to travel according to your schedule and preferences, incorporating additional activities or excursions along the way. With greater freedom to customize your journey, you can curate a safari experience that perfectly aligns with your interests and travel aspirations.

What are the benefits of opting for a scheduled or pre-arranged group safari or tour?


In addition to cost savings, small group safaris and tours are perfect for couples or solo travelers seeking to connect and socialize with fellow adventurers.

You’ll have the chance to meet new people and potentially forge new friendships. Furthermore, since the itinerary is pre-packaged, you won’t need to conduct extensive research or provide much input. If the group safari or tour aligns with your interests, you can simply book it and enjoy the adventure.

Ask Our African Safari Specialist About Safari Planning!

Our African Safari Specialists are passionate about crafting dream safaris from scratch, considering it their primary expertise. They boast firsthand knowledge of Africa, having either resided there or traveled extensively, enabling them to offer personalized recommendations based on their deep destination insights.

Many of our guests also prefer this approach. While instant reservations are convenient, the real test often comes when you need specific information or assistance. Dealing with an African Safari Specialist rather than an online booking engine has distinct advantages. It provides peace of mind knowing that you can easily reach out to your specialist via email or phone, rather than navigating the often challenging process of contacting customer service representatives in larger companies or online booking platforms.


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