How Much Does A Botswana Safari Cost?

Botswana Safari Cost – Botswana stands out as one of Africa’s priciest safari destinations, often rivaling Tanzania in terms of cost. The limited range of budget-friendly camps and lodges contributes to its reputation as a high-cost destination.

The Botswana government has prioritized a tourism model focused on “low-impact, low-density, and high-value” experiences, given the delicate ecology of its wildlife areas. Strict land management policies, coupled with restrictions on the number of accommodations allowed in specific areas and limited access via light aircraft, contribute to the overall expense of visiting Botswana.

Camp and lodge rates in iconic regions like the Okavango Delta, the Linyanti area, the Central Kalahari, and the Makgadikgadi Pans are heavily influenced by their location and the season. Private concessions tend to command higher prices compared to game reserves or publicly accessible areas, where wildlife sightings are shared among various accommodations, self-drive tourists, and mobile safari operators.

When travelers inquire about affordable Botswana safaris, especially during peak seasons when wildlife viewing is optimal, options often include adventure camping. It’s essential to understand that Botswana’s expense is strongly correlated with the chosen safari timing and accommodation style.

ole in Botswana safari costs. Going during the low season (December to April) ensures significantly lower prices.


Safari Costs For Botswana

Comfort LevelPrivate (per day)Group (per day)
Budget Camping$350$275
Budget Accommodation$375$300
Mid Range Accommodation$525$400
Luxury Accommodation$750$700
Luxury Plus Accommodation$1,625n/a

Factors That Affect Cost Of A Safari in Botswana


The cost of a Botswana safari can vary significantly based on several factors, with the timing of your trip and the specific protected areas you plan to visit being the most crucial considerations.

1. Length of Stay

Park entry fees in Botswana are charged on a 24-hour basis, regardless of the duration of your stay. Longer stays in the parks do not result in cheaper entry fees. Travelers often opt to organize their safari through tour operators, as park entry fees may be cheaper when arranged as part of an organized package.

2. Level of Comfort of Accommodation

Accommodation options in Botswana primarily consist of luxury camps and lodges, which are exclusive and located on private wildlife concessions. These accommodations offer premium amenities and personalized service, but they come at a high cost. Alternatively, travelers can choose to bring their own tents and camp, as budget-friendly options are limited.

3. Location of Accommodation

Most safari accommodations in Botswana are situated in remote wilderness areas, requiring time and financial investment to reach. The Okavango Delta, a renowned natural wonder, poses logistical challenges for budget travelers due to its remote location and lack of affordable nearby accommodations.

4. Group Size

Botswana’s tourism policy emphasizes low-number, high-quality experiences, resulting in tailored safaris rather than large-group excursions. As a result, big-group safaris, which are typically more affordable, are rare in Botswana.

5. Timing of Visit

Peak safari season in Botswana is from May to September, coinciding with optimal wildlife viewing conditions in popular parks like the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park. Visiting during this period incurs higher costs. Alternatively, visiting during the off-peak season from March to May may offer cost savings, but it comes with drawbacks such as flooding and limited wildlife sightings.

6. Transportation Options

Flying between camps and parks is common due to vast distances and challenging terrain. While convenient, flying is expensive. Budget-conscious travelers may opt to explore Botswana by hiring a jeep and embarking on self-drive safaris, particularly in areas like the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

7. Destination Choice

The cost of a safari in Botswana can vary depending on the chosen destination within the country. Remote and exclusive concessions in the Okavango Delta command higher prices compared to more accessible areas.

8. Add-Ons

Optional activities like mokoro rides through the Okavango Delta’s waterways may be included in safari packages or offered as add-ons for an additional fee.

9. Extensions

Many travelers opt to extend their Botswana safari with a visit to Victoria Falls, located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Accommodations near Victoria Falls are often more affordable than those in Botswana, making this extension a cost-effective option.

10. Specialized Interests

Special-interest holidays focused on San Bushmen culture combine wildlife experiences with cultural immersion. These specialized safaris are often expensive due to the unique and authentic nature of the experiences offered.


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