African Safari Cost

How Much Does an African Safari Cost?

African Safari Cost – The cost of an African safari varies widely, ranging from $130 to $1,600 per person per night. Budget safaris typically average around $140 per night, while mid-range options are around $300 and luxury experiences can reach $700 per night. For those seeking the ultimate in luxury, top-tier safaris may exceed $1,400 per night. With such diversity in pricing, there’s a safari available to accommodate every budget, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the incredible wildlife and natural beauty of Africa.


8 factors influencing the cost of a safari

Determining the cost of your African safari involves considering several factors:

  1. Duration of the Safari: The number of days you spend on safari directly influences the overall cost. Generally, longer durations with the same company result in a lower per-day cost.
  2. Timing of the Trip: Choosing when to visit can impact expenses. Safari costs during school holidays are typically higher. Additionally, wildlife visibility varies during the park’s seasons. Opting for the off-season may offer lower prices, fewer tourists, and lush landscapes.
  3. Destination Choice: Southern Africa often provides a more economical safari experience due to better park infrastructure, easier self-drive options, and camping facilities compared to East Africa.
  4. Accommodation Preferences: Accommodations consume a significant portion of your budget. Exclusive tented camps in private conservancies can be romantic but pricey, sometimes reaching $2,000 per night for two during high season.
  5. Accommodation Location: Staying outside parks can save money but may mean missing prime animal spotting times during dawn or dusk.
  6. Transportation: The type of safari drives offered by camps varies. Luxury jeeps at high-end lodges contrast with budget safari companies’ pop-top minibuses. Be cautious, as some companies may overcrowd vehicles, affecting your wildlife viewing experience.
  7. Exclusivity Preferences: Choosing well-known parks like Kruger may result in lower prices but increased crowds. Private concessions, such as those in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, offer tranquility but come at a higher cost.
  8. Specific Interests or Hobbies: Parks with abundant large mammals may have higher costs compared to smaller, lesser-known areas focused on specialized wildlife attractions like birds. Tailoring your experience to your interests can impact the overall expenses of your safari.

Additional Costs

Consider these additional expenses for your safari budget: international flights, visa fees (around US$30-50), accommodation before/after your tour, vaccinations, tips (budget around US$15/day/person), and travel insurance (typically $50-$175 for two weeks). Plan ahead to ensure a smooth and worry-free safari experience.

  1. International Flights: To save money, avoid flying during school holidays and opt for indirect flights rather than direct ones, as transiting through a third country is often cheaper.

  2. Visa Costs: Visa fees vary depending on your nationality and destination country. Expect to pay between US$30-50 per person in East African and many southern African countries.

  3. Accommodation: Check your flight schedule, as you may need accommodation before or after your safari if your arrival or departure times don’t align with the tour schedule.

  4. Vaccinations: Many safari destinations require vaccinations for diseases such as malaria. Consult your doctor for advice and ensure you have appropriate vaccinations and medications.

  5. Tips: Tips for drivers, waiters, room staff, and guides are customary and can add up quickly. Plan to bring a few hundred dollars in smaller bills, budgeting around US$15 per person per day for tips.

  6. Travel Insurance: It’s essential to have travel insurance. Prices for a decent policy typically range from $50-$175 for two weeks, depending on coverage and provider. Skipping insurance is not advisable.

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