How Much Is African Hunting Safaris

African Hunting Safaris Costs – While hunting safaris may be deemed illegal by certain individuals, several African countries have legalized this activity within specific designated areas, adhering to guidelines provided by wildlife conservation authorities. In this article, we will explore the factors influencing the cost of hunting safaris in Africa and examine some of the premier hunting destinations on the continent.

The cost of hunting in Africa can vary significantly, ranging from affordable to extremely expensive. Several factors influence this cost, including the location of the hunting expedition, the specific areas the client wishes to explore, the desired level of comfort and luxury during the safari, and the mode of transportation chosen for traveling around during the hunting expedition.

Some Of The Factors That Influence The Cost Of Hunting Safari In Africa

1. Modes of Transportation

During your hunting safari, you have the option to choose between driving and flying to access different hunting areas. Utilizing private helicopters or jetted aircraft can significantly enhance your safari experience, albeit at a higher cost compared to road transport. While driving offers a more budget-friendly option, it may involve bumpy and lengthy journeys, especially since hunting areas are often situated in remote parts of the country.

2. Hunter and Observer Fees

The cost of hunting varies depending on the country and outfitter, ranging from $250 to $1,250 per day for hunters. This fee encompasses factors such as the type of hunt and services provided by the outfitter. Non-hunting observers typically incur fees ranging from $150 to $450 per day, providing an opportunity for companions or wildlife enthusiasts to participate in the safari experience.

3. Price of Trophy Animals

Different outfitters offer varying prices for the animals targeted during the hunt. It’s essential to consider that these costs vary across countries, with popular hunting destinations like South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Namibia often offering more affordable options compared to remote areas in Botswana or Tanzania. In such remote locations, charter flights may be necessary to access hunting grounds, contributing to higher overall expenses. Additionally, the rarity or desirability of certain trophy animals may influence their price, with sought-after species commanding higher fees.

In summary, the cost of a hunting safari in Africa is influenced by factors such as transportation preferences, hunter and observer fees, and the price of trophy animals. By carefully considering these factors and selecting the most suitable options, hunters can plan an unforgettable safari tailored to their preferences and budget constraints.

Hunting Prices In Africa

 AnimalCost in US dollars
3.White Blesbuck$800
5.Cape Buffalo$8500
6.Female Buffalo$6,000
7.Cape Bushbuck$850
8.Bush Pig$700
10.Common Duiker$300
11.Cape Eland$2,300
12.Fallow Deer$500
13.Bat-Eared Fox$500
14.Cape Fox$500
16.Red Hartebeest$1,100
19.Cape Kudu$1,200
20.Red Lechwe$2,500
22.Gemsbuck Oryx$1,200
23.Scimitar horned oryx$2800
26.common reedbuck$1,200
27.mountain reedbuck$750
29.elephant$2,300 to $40,000
31.spotted hyena$4,700
33.Lion$14,750 to $29,750
34.Cheetahit depends on availability
35.rhinoit depends on availability
36.Sable antelope$4,000
38.Black springbok$1,200
41.Black wildebeest$900
42.Blue Wildebeest$1,200
43.common zebra$1,600
44.mountain zebra$2,500
45.Springbuck$450 to $1,100

4. Cost of Rifle and Ammunition

For hunting trips in Africa, the necessity of rifles and ammunition is undeniable. However, some clients may opt to avoid the cost of shipping their own equipment and instead choose to rent rifles and purchase ammunition locally. In Africa, the cost of ammunition can be notably expensive, particularly for higher calibers.

Rifle Rental

Many hunting outfitters and lodges in Africa offer rifle rental services to clients, providing them with suitable firearms for their hunting expeditions. Renting a rifle can be a convenient and cost-effective option for hunters who prefer not to bring their own equipment or incur the expense of shipping firearms.

Ammunition Costs

The cost of ammunition in Africa can vary depending on factors such as caliber, brand, and availability. Higher calibers often come with higher price tags, reflecting the increased power and effectiveness of these rounds. Additionally, ammunition for specialized or less common calibers may be more difficult to find and consequently more expensive.

 ItemPrice range in US Dollars
1.rifle$25 to $30 per day
2.animation$5 to $20 per round

5. Time of the year you visit

Depending on the country you will be visiting the time of the year that you will take you hunting Safari will be a very big determinant on the overall cost you will pay.

below we are going to analyze some of the top destination were hunting takes place and how the seasonality affect the hunting prices

South Africa

The peak safari season in South Africa spans from June to September, characterized by minimal rainfall and sparse vegetation, which facilitates easier animal spotting. Hunting rates per person per day typically range from $250 to $400, with non-hunter observers charged between $150 and $200 per day. South Africa offers diverse hunting opportunities and landscapes, making it an attractive destination for both hunters and wildlife enthusiasts.


Hunting in Zimbabwe is concentrated around the Victoria Falls and its surrounding areas, offering a unique blend of safari experiences. While Zimbabwe is a year-round destination for hunting safaris, the period from May to October is considered optimal, with peak hunting season occurring during this time. However, from mid-September to the end of October, the weather can become uncomfortably hot, particularly without adequate accommodation amenities such as air conditioning. Zimbabwe is renowned for its big game hunting opportunities, including Africa’s “big four” – elephants, lions, leopards, and buffaloes, as well as various other plain game species.


Tanzania’s hunting safaris primarily take place in the Selous Game Reserve, located in the southern part of the country along the southern Tanzania safari circuit. This picturesque country boasts abundant big game, including Africa’s famed “big five” – lion, elephant, rhino, leopard, and buffalo. The dry season is the best time for hunting safaris in Tanzania, characterized by sparse vegetation and minimal rainfall. During the peak season, the average daily hunting cost can amount to approximately $2,700, reflecting the high demand and exceptional game viewing opportunities offered by Tanzania’s wilderness areas.

6. Type of Hunting Package

Outfitters across different countries provide a range of hunting packages tailored to clients’ preferences for targeted animals. Packages may vary in cost depending on the inclusion of common animals like wildebeests, impalas, warthogs, and gazelles, or major trophy animals such as lions, elephants, buffaloes, and hippos. For instance, a hunting safari package in South Africa typically featuring 5 to 7 animals over 7 to 9 days may cost under $10,000, inclusive of airfare and all necessary animal licenses.

7. Type of Accommodation

The level of accommodation chosen for the hunting expedition significantly influences the overall safari cost. African countries offer diverse accommodation options ranging from budget-friendly to mid-range and luxury facilities. Budget options provide basic amenities at lower costs, while mid-range facilities offer average comfort and amenities at moderate prices. On the other hand, luxury accommodations provide upscale amenities and services, catering to clients seeking a more lavish safari experience. Regardless of budget constraints, there are accommodation options available for every traveler, ensuring a comfortable stay during the hunting expedition.

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