Linyanti Wildlife Reserve in Botswana

Linyanti Wildlife Reserve – With two-thirds of the Savute Channel winding through its expansive 125,000-hectare territory, alongside the distinctive landscapes shaped by the Linyanti River and vast woodland, the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve offers a contrasting experience compared to its neighboring region, the Okavango Delta. This distinction renders it an ideal complement to an itinerary exploring the surrounding area.

Recognized for its rich concentration of herbivores and predators, visitors are treated to mesmerizing sights of vast elephant herds, graceful giraffes, and mighty buffalo traversing the terrain. Meanwhile, various antelope species and zebras cautiously move away from the ever-present big cats, perpetually on the hunt. The enigmatic Savute Channel, which has flowed since 2008, serves as a magnet for the reserve’s wildlife inhabitants, drawing them to its inviting banks.

Nestled in a secluded setting and accessible solely by light aircraft, the Linyanti Reserve provides an exclusive retreat with a handful of camps, ensuring an intimate and immersive experience amidst wildlife. Here, guests encounter up-close and personal interactions with the animals, offering a profound connection to nature. The reserve offers a diverse range of activities including off-roading, night drives, land and water safaris, guided walking tours, fishing excursions, and sleep-outs in hides, promising visitors an unforgettable African adventure.

Prime game-viewing opportunities in Linyanti unfold between early June and November’s start, offering the best chances to witness wildlife in its natural habitat. This window period promises exceptional sightings and thrilling encounters, making it an ideal time for visitors seeking unparalleled safari experiences.

Things to do in Botswana


There are a number of tourist activities done in Linyanti and they include:

  • Game drives
  • Night Game drive
  • Guided Walking Safaris
  • Boat Safaris
  • Birdwatching
  • Fishing Excursions

When you visit Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, an abundance of enthralling activities awaits those seeking an immersive and adventurous safari experience. Each endeavor promises an intimate connection with nature and wildlife, enveloping visitors in the mesmerizing tapestry of the African bush.

1. Game Drives: The heartbeat of any safari adventure, game drives in open safari vehicles unveil the diverse landscapes of the reserve. Traverse through varying terrains, from woodlands to open plains, in pursuit of remarkable wildlife encounters. Iconic species such as majestic elephants, towering giraffes, formidable buffaloes, and stealthy predators like lions and leopards roam freely across the reserve. Expert guides navigate through the terrain, sharing insights and ensuring unforgettable sightings.

2. Night Drives: As the sun sets on the horizon, a different realm of the bush awakens. Night drives offer a unique opportunity to delve into the mysteries of nocturnal wildlife. With specialized equipment and skilled guides, venture into the darkness to witness the elusive behavior of nocturnal creatures. Spotting the glowing eyes of predators prowling through the night adds an exhilarating edge to the safari experience.

3. Guided Walking Safaris: For a closer communion with nature, guided walking safaris immerse visitors in the intricate details of the ecosystem. Led by knowledgeable guides, these intimate explorations on foot provide a deeper understanding of the bush. Track animal prints, identify indigenous flora, and observe smaller wildlife, unveiling the secrets of the natural world from a ground-level perspective.

4. Boat Safaris: Explore the picturesque waterways of the Linyanti River and the meandering Savute Channel on tranquil boat safaris. Glide through serene waters, observing wildlife congregating along the riverbanks. Encounter an array of birdlife and marvel at the antics of hippos and crocodiles inhabiting the riverbanks. The boat safaris offer a refreshing and serene angle to appreciate the diverse ecosystem.

5. Birdwatching: Enthusiasts revel in the avian paradise that the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve presents. The area boasts an impressive diversity of bird species, both resident and migratory. Armed with binoculars, witness the vibrant plumage and melodious calls of the region’s feathered inhabitants. From iconic raptors to colorful songbirds, the reserve offers exceptional birdwatching opportunities.

6. Fishing Excursions: Engage in a serene and exciting activity with catch-and-release fishing expeditions. The rivers and lagoons teem with aquatic life, providing anglers with the chance to hook prized catches like tigerfish and bream. Enjoy the peaceful ambience and the thrill of angling amid the pristine surroundings.

7. Sleep-Outs and Hides: Experience an intimate connection with the wilderness through sleep-outs and hides. Spend a night under the celestial canopy, nestled in a hide or an open-air sleep-out location. Immerse yourself in the symphony of the African bush, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nocturnal wildlife.

What to see


In the captivating wilderness of the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, an extraordinary array of wildlife and natural wonders awaits exploration, promising enthralling sightings and remarkable encounters:

1. Elephants: The reserve is renowned for its impressive elephant herds, offering unparalleled sightings of these gentle giants. Witness these majestic creatures as they traverse the landscapes and congregate near water sources.

2. Predators: Experience the thrill of encountering Africa’s apex predators, including lions and leopards. Observe their stealthy movements and impressive hunting behaviors as they navigate their territories.

3. Giraffes: Towering gracefully above the trees, giraffes grace the reserve’s open plains, offering stunning photographic opportunities as they feed and wander through the landscape.

4. Buffaloes: Formidable herds of African buffaloes roam the woodlands and grasslands, showcasing their resilience and social dynamics within the reserve.

5. Antelopes: Various antelope species, such as impalas, kudus, sable antelopes, and waterbucks, can be spotted gracefully traversing the terrain. Witness their agility and beauty as they roam the bush.

6. Zebras: These iconic striped creatures add a touch of elegance to the landscapes. Observe zebras in their natural habitat, often seen in groups or herds grazing across the plains.

7. Birdlife: The reserve is a haven for bird enthusiasts, boasting a diverse avian population. Spot a plethora of bird species, including raptors, waterfowl, colorful bee-eaters, and storks among others.

8. Hippos and Crocodiles: Along the waterways, observe the antics of hippos wallowing in the rivers and the stealthy presence of crocodiles basking along the banks.

9. Unique Flora: Take in the diverse flora, from towering trees to vibrant wildflowers, showcasing the rich biodiversity of the ecosystem.

10. Scenic Landscapes: Marvel at the picturesque landscapes, from lush riverbanks to sprawling savannas and woodlands, offering breathtaking vistas and awe-inspiring sunsets.

Each sighting and experience within the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve paints a vibrant and immersive portrait of the African wilderness, inviting visitors to witness the harmonious coexistence of diverse species and the untamed beauty of nature.

Best time to go


The best time to visit the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve depends on the experiences you seek during your safari adventure:

Dry Season (May to October): Considered the prime time for wildlife viewing, the dry season offers excellent game sightings as vegetation thins out and water sources become scarce. From June to October, the landscape transforms, and wildlife congregates around the dwindling water sources, providing fantastic opportunities for game drives and animal encounters. This period is especially renowned for exceptional sightings of large herds of elephants, predators, and various herbivores.

Wet Season (November to April): The wet season brings rejuvenation to the landscape, with lush greenery and vibrant vegetation. This time offers great birdwatching opportunities as migratory birds arrive, and the landscape blooms with life. While wildlife disperses more due to abundant water sources across the reserve, the wet season can still be rewarding for a unique safari experience and fewer crowds.

The months between June and October are often recommended as the peak season for prime game-viewing opportunities, especially for iconic species like elephants and predators. However, both seasons offer distinct experiences, and the choice of when to visit may depend on personal preferences, such as interests in birdwatching, lush landscapes, or fewer crowds. It’s advisable to consider your preferences and expectations when planning a visit to the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve.

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