Londolozi Private Game Reserve – Nestled within the heart of the South African wilderness lies the enchanting Londolozi Private Game Reserve, a sanctuary of untamed beauty and captivating wildlife encounters. Renowned for its rich biodiversity and commitment to conservation, Londolozi stands as a beacon of luxury and authenticity in the realm of safari experiences. This iconic reserve boasts a heritage that spans over 90 years, rooted in a profound respect for the land and its inhabitants.

At Londolozi, the connection between nature and luxury harmoniously intertwines, offering guests an immersive and exclusive safari adventure. The reserve’s pristine landscapes encompass vast stretches of untamed wilderness where the Big Five roam freely, providing unparalleled opportunities for exhilarating game drives and guided bushwalks. Each moment spent within Londolozi’s embrace is an exploration of nature’s grandeur, from encounters with majestic elephants to the stealthy movements of leopards amid the verdant foliage.

Moreover, Londolozi’s commitment to conservation and community upliftment resonates in every aspect of its operation. Beyond the safari experience, the reserve endeavors to foster a deeper understanding of wildlife conservation through educational programs and sustainable practices. Visitors are invited not only to witness the splendor of Africa’s wildlife but also to be part of a legacy that champions environmental stewardship and the preservation of this remarkable ecosystem.

Flora and Fauna


The Londolozi Private Game Reserve is a sanctuary for an incredible array of wildlife species, offering an immersive safari experience in the heart of South Africa’s wilderness. Renowned for its rich biodiversity, the reserve is home to an abundance of iconic African wildlife, including the renowned Big Five: lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, and rhinoceroses. These majestic creatures roam freely across the vast landscapes of the reserve, providing visitors with unparalleled opportunities for wildlife viewing and photography.

In addition to the Big Five, Londolozi boasts a diverse array of other fascinating animals, such as giraffes, zebras, hippos, crocodiles, cheetahs, wild dogs, hyenas, various antelope species, and an astonishing variety of birdlife. The reserve’s ecosystem supports an intricate web of life, with diverse habitats ranging from open savannas to dense riverine forests, creating ideal conditions for a wide spectrum of wildlife to thrive.

Visitors to Londolozi have the chance to embark on game drives and guided nature walks led by expert rangers and trackers. These experiences offer intimate encounters with the wildlife, allowing guests to witness these magnificent animals in their natural habitats while learning about their behavior, ecology, and conservation efforts undertaken by the reserve. Whether observing elephants ambling along the riverbanks or witnessing leopards stealthily navigating through the bush, the wildlife encounters at Londolozi are truly awe-inspiring.

Things to do


At Londolozi Private Game Reserve, guests can indulge in a variety of captivating and immersive activities that offer a unique glimpse into the African wilderness.

  1. Game Drives: The reserve offers exhilarating morning and evening game drives conducted by experienced rangers and trackers. These guided safaris allow visitors to explore the vast landscapes, track wildlife, and witness the diverse array of animals in their natural habitats, including the Big Five.
  2. Guided Bush Walks: For a more intimate and up-close experience with nature, guided bush walks provide an opportunity to explore the smaller details of the reserve, such as animal tracks, plant life, and fascinating insects. Led by expert guides, these walks offer an insightful perspective on the African bush.
  3. Bird Watching: Londolozi is a paradise for bird enthusiasts, boasting an incredible variety of bird species. Birdwatching excursions provide excellent opportunities to spot and photograph numerous bird species while learning about their behaviors and habitats.
  4. Photography Safaris: The stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife make Londolozi an ideal destination for photography enthusiasts. The reserve offers specialized photography safaris and workshops led by experienced photographers, allowing guests to capture the beauty of the African wilderness.
  5. Wellness and Spa Treatments: After thrilling wildlife encounters, guests can unwind and rejuvenate with spa treatments that incorporate natural elements and indigenous healing practices, providing a tranquil retreat in the heart of the bush.
  6. Cultural and Community Visits: Visitors can also engage in cultural experiences by visiting local communities and learning about their traditions, crafts, and daily life, contributing to responsible tourism and community development initiatives supported by the reserve.



Londolozi Private Game Reserve, situated within the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa, experiences a typical climate characteristic of the region.

The weather at Londolozi can be classified as subtropical, offering distinct seasons:

  1. Summer (October to March): Summers at Londolozi are hot and humid. Temperatures during this time can range from warm to very hot, often reaching highs in the upper 80s to 90s Fahrenheit (around 30-35 degrees Celsius). This period also corresponds with the region’s rainy season, with intermittent thunderstorms and occasional heavy downpours.
  2. Autumn (April to May): Autumn sees a gradual decrease in temperatures from the summer heat. Days are generally warm, with pleasant temperatures ranging from the upper 70s to mid-80s Fahrenheit (around 25-30 degrees Celsius). The rainfall diminishes as the dry season approaches.
  3. Winter (June to August): Winter brings cooler and drier weather to the reserve. Days are mild and pleasant, with temperatures averaging in the 70s Fahrenheit (around 20-25 degrees Celsius) during the day. However, mornings and evenings can be chilly, with temperatures dropping notably, especially during night game drives.
  4. Spring (September): Spring marks the transition from winter to summer. Temperatures start to rise gradually, and the vegetation begins to flourish with the onset of the rainy season.

While the wildlife viewing is excellent year-round, many visitors prefer the drier months of the winter (June to August) and early autumn (April to May) for optimal game viewing due to the reduced foliage and better visibility of wildlife around water sources. However, each season offers its unique experiences, whether it’s the lush greenery of the wet season or the comfortable temperatures of the dry season.



Londolozi Private Game Reserve offers a range of luxurious and exclusive accommodation options that blend seamlessly with the surrounding wilderness, providing an exceptional safari experience. The reserve provides several distinctive camps and lodges, each offering a unique atmosphere and amenities tailored to guests’ preferences.

  1. Founders Camp: A classic safari lodge offering an intimate and authentic experience with ten chalets, including private plunge pools overlooking the Sand River. It exudes elegance and charm while providing a sense of heritage and history.
  2. Pioneer Camp: A secluded and intimate retreat with three exclusive suites, offering privacy and exclusivity amidst the African bush. Each suite features a private deck and plunge pool, catering to those seeking a more private and personalized safari experience.
  3. Tree Camp: Known for its elevated luxury, Tree Camp offers six lavish suites elevated above the ground, allowing for breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. The suites feature private decks, outdoor showers, and exquisite interiors.
  4. Varty Camp: The original camp at Londolozi, Varty Camp embodies a family-friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It comprises spacious chalets and suites, a swimming pool, and a relaxing lounge area, providing comfort and a sense of community.
  5. Private Granite Suites: Exclusivity and opulence define the Private Granite Suites, featuring three secluded suites with private decks and plunge pools. These suites offer a truly luxurious and intimate safari experience.

Each accommodation option at Londolozi is thoughtfully designed, blending luxury with a deep connection to nature. Guests can expect world-class service, exceptional cuisine, and expertly guided wildlife experiences while enjoying the comforts of these stunning lodges and camps in the heart of the African wilderness.

Best time to go


The best time to visit Londolozi Private Game Reserve largely depends on your preferences and interests.

For exceptional wildlife viewing and optimal game sightings, the dry season, from June to August and early autumn (April to May), is generally considered the best time to visit. During these months, the vegetation is thinner, making it easier to spot animals around water sources. The weather is cooler and drier, providing pleasant conditions for game drives and outdoor activities.

If you prefer lush greenery and birdwatching, consider visiting during the wetter months of summer, from October to March. While the summer season brings occasional rainfall and higher temperatures, it also results in vibrant landscapes and an influx of migratory birds, offering unique wildlife encounters and stunning scenery.

It’s important to note that each season at Londolozi offers its own charm and wildlife experiences. Ultimately, the best time to go depends on your specific interests, whether it’s the wildlife, weather preferences, or particular activities you wish to engage in during your visit.

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