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Rwanda is a small landlocked country covering an area of 10,169 square miles (26,338 square kilometers/2,633,759 hectares), which is about a third the size of Belgium and so amazing to be on one of the tours in rwanda. It is an East African country located in the heart of Africa, being bordered by Uganda in the North and North-East, Tanzania in the East, Burundi in the South and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the West.

Kigali city itself is one of the top places tourists should not miss to visit when in Rwanda. The city is the gateway to most attractions (mountain gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking among others in National Parks). Kigali was declared Africa’s most beautiful city by the United Nations on  Mar 9, 2018

Best time to visit Rwanda

The dry season between June and September is renowned for being the best time to go to Rwanda. There is often light cloud cover during this time of year and it makes for a comfortable climate for gorilla trekking. A highlight in June in Rwanda is the annual Kwita Izina Ceremony (naming the roads)

Reasons to Visit the Best Places To Visit In Rwanda

There are infinite trip reasons to visit Rwanda Destinations, and we want to share our top 10 reasons to go.

  1. The Captivating Mountain Gorillas Of Rwanda
  2. Walk In The Footsteps Of Famed Primatologist Dian Fossey
  3. World-Class Hiking & Trekking
  4. Primates, Primates, & More Primates!
  5. Kigali: The Heartbeat Of Modern Rwanda
  6. The Cultural People Of Rwanda
  7. Rising From The Past
  8. Unique & Unforgettable Beach Escape
  9. Central–East Africa’s Renewed Safari Destination
  10. Birding Paradise.

Make The Most Of Your Experience With Our Top Rwanda Tourist Attractions…

  1. Volcanoes National Park.
  2. Kigali Genocide Memorial.
  3. Nyungwe Forest National Park.
  4. King’s Palace Museum.
  5. Akagera National Park.
  6. Lake Kivu.
  7. Ethnographic Museum.
  8. Gorilla Guardians Village.

Best Places to visit in Rwanda

Akagera National Park:

This National Park is located in the Northeastern part of Rwanda at the border with Tanzania. It covers an area of about 1,122 square kilometers. It is located around 135 km from Kigali town (2 hours 30 minutes away). The fascinating attractions that are worth visiting in this park include a network of lakes including Lake Ihema. This savanna park is widely known for game viewing because of the variety of wildlife species which include Savanna elephants, buffaloes, antelope species for example waterbucks, topi, Oribis, roan antelope, elands among others. The zebras, giraffes, leopards and spotted hyenas are also spotted in this marvelous National Park. Also more than 525 species of birds have been recorded in this Park and they include the shoebill stork, over 44 species of raptor, Albertine Rift endemic species like Handsome Francolin, Rwenzori Turaco among others. For your enjoyable and life refreshing game drives, visit the Akagera National Park and unleash your excitement.

Nyungwe forest National Park:

Nyungwe Forest National Park is located in South-western edge of Rwanda, bordered by Burundi in the South and DRC in the West and covers a total area of 1020 square kilometers. It was established in 2004 to diversify Rwanda’s tourism from over relying on gorilla tourism. The Park is about 4-5 hours drive from Kigali town. 75 species of mammals are inhabited in this park including 13 primate species for example the Chimpanzees (over 400 in this Park), Black and white colobus monkeys, and the park is a home of over 300 species of birds out of which 16 species are Albertine Rift endemics. Tourists who visit this park will be accustomed to activities like the fascinating canopy walk. Several hiking trails in Nyungwe forest include the Ngabwe trail, Bigugu trail, Kamiranzovu marsh trail, and Isumo waterfall trail, Source of the River Nile trail, Karamba birding trail, Imbaraga trail, Rukuzi trail and irebero trail among others. Primate safaris and bird watching are also conducted in this park.

Volcanoes National Park:

gorilla trekking in Rwanda

This is a small national Park of 160 square kilometers, located in North-western Rwanda and is bordered by DRC and Uganda and where you can get one of the best tours in rwanda. It is situated around 105 kilometers west of Kigali town (2 hours drive). This Park is a haven of the famous and unique critically endangered mountain gorillas. Visiting this park will bring you face to face with these Giant Apes (mountain gorillas). A visit to the Land of a thousand Hills offers you fantastic Rwanda gorilla safaris in the Volcanoes national park, home to10 habituated gorilla families existing in different locations of the park. Besides the mountain gorilla, other attractions include over 75 species of mammals like Elephants, Buffaloes, and Giant forest Hogs, Bushbucks and spotted hyenas among others. The park is also a home of over 180 species of birds whereby 26 species are endemic to Virunga and Rwenzori mountains. Besides the wildlife species, other attractions include Dian Fossey grave, Mount Karisimbi and Mount Bisoke.

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