Tourism in sudan

Tourism in Sudan

Sudan is one of African landlocked country, located in East African side of the continent. There are a lot of tourism in Sudan, very many and endless, though sometimes this beautiful country is thought of insecurity.

Sudan (South Sudan) was able to get her independence in year 2011, after the internal wars, and after getting the the independence, it had to take some time for this country to recover it’s tourism heritages. Surprisingly, tourism in south Sudan contributes inly less that 5% to the country’s economy. Despite of the good Sudan’s tourism activities, there is still a challenge in marketing these beautiful tourism activities, poor skills to handle tourism, and very few high end hotels.

However, some big mistake is that most people when they visit south Sudan, they see the city (juba) and they think that is all that Sudan has to offer, a big NO to this, take at least 50km away, and see what Sudan has to offer. These include the amazing cultures, outstanding wildlife and others. You can be able to experience this if you have the local tourist guide.

Famous Meroe pyramids surrounded with dunes. Sud

Antiquities Sites and Natural Areas:

Sudan is considered one of the few countries which enjoy a variety of tourism resources.

These resources are represented in the Red Sea Coast which extends for more than 700 kilometers and is characterized by many tourist attractions, including diving and under-water photography, besides boat-rowing and water skiing.

The Red Sea Coast enjoys many gulfs and coral reefs as the area is free from contamination which plagues many seas and tourist areas in the world.

Sudan also enjoys an ancient heritage in the field of civilizations and antiquities representing a great attraction for tourists both from within and outside the country.

This heritage is centered in the Northern areas including Al-Nag’a Al-Musawarat, Karima, Al-Berkal, Merowie, Dongola and others.

These areas and others saw ancient civilizations proved by the remains of the pyramids and temples, with a great part of them still lying unearthed.

Tourism in sudan

These areas attract many experts and researchers in this field.

In addition, they are considered archaeological sites not experiencing any tourist leap before despite the availability of huge resources in them.

Central areas in Sudan including Sennar and Sinja contain antiquities of Al-Funj Kingdom (The Black Sultanate). The antiquities of this area bears testimony to the long and authentic history of the kingdom. There are many antiquities of the Mahdi State in east and west of Sudan and in the National Capital.

These antiquities which reflect the glory and history of the Sudanese people, beside the existence of many other antiquities in other areas deserve concern to attract tourists from abroad to get acquainted with the history of the country .

In East Sudan, at Sawakin area, on the Red Sea, there are great antiquities indicating the existence of a historically great period of Sudan’s history. Sawakin island, for example, is considered one of the areas which witnessed urban development and unique styles of architecture. It is now regarded as one of the world’s few areas in this field. There are many tourists interested in this aspect of history and who can be attracted to these sites.

The state also set up Al-Dinder National Tourist Park for wildlife in the central state in 1935. This park is considered one of the greatest game reserves in Africa. It occupies a unique position north of the equator on an area of 2,470 square miles.

Famous Meroe pyramids surrounded with dunes. Sudan
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