Akagera Park Wildlife Safari

Uganda Safari Tours , Comparing over 1000 tour packages

Uganda Safari Tours , For those with the dream of mountain gorilla trekking, Uganda stands as the ultimate destination. While Rwanda also offers this incredible experience, Ugandan permits are significantly more affordable. Apart from gorilla trekking, Uganda boasts a plethora of other attractions. The country is a haven for primates, with Kibale National Park offering exceptional chimpanzee trekking and habituation experiences.

Moreover, Uganda’s diverse national parks, including Kidepo Valley, Queen Elizabeth, and Murchison Falls, are ideal for thrilling game drives amidst savannah landscapes teeming with wildlife. Visitors can encounter lions, buffaloes, elephants, and a variety of antelope species in their natural habitats. With its stunning scenery and rich biodiversity, Uganda appeals to nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike, offering a wide range of activities for those with a passion for natural history and an inclination toward active holidays.

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