What Is A Group Of Cheetahs Called?

Group Of Cheetahs – A coalition of cheetahs, typically comprising two to three male members, is an emblem of familial unity and survival in the wild. These coalitions are predominantly established among brothers, forming an unbreakable bond that lasts a lifetime. Rarely will a male cheetah choose to live a solitary existence.

Instead, they join forces with their kin, sharing the burdens and triumphs of life on the savannah. Upon forming a coalition, these brothers embark on a journey to secure their territory. They span an impressive 15 to 30 square miles.

This territory serves as their domain, a sanctuary to establish their dominance and ensure their survival. Together, they defend their land from rival coalitions, fiercely protecting what is rightfully theirs. In contrast, female cheetahs lead a solitary existence, venturing alone across the vast plains in search of prey. They only come together with other cheetahs during mating season, forging fleeting connections in the cycle of life.

Care For Young Ones


When it comes to raising their young, female cheetahs display remarkable resilience and nurturing instincts. They rear their cubs for two years, teaching them the ways of the wild before setting them on their own path. In the Masai Mara Game Reserve of Kenya, a legendary coalition of five male cheetahs emerged in early 2017. Hence captivating the imagination of safari guides and visitors alike. Their remarkable bond and adventures have become the stuff of legend. This leaves an indelible mark on all who encounter them amidst the sweeping landscapes of the African wilderness.

Over the last five years, researchers and guides in the Masai Mara have closely observed the Tano Bora, identifying unique character traits that distinguish each member of the coalition. In recognition of their individuality and significance. And each cheetah has been bestowed with a distinct name, symbolizing their contribution to the rich tapestry of wildlife in the region.

Interesting Facts About Cheetahs


Cheetahs, renowned for their incredible speed and sleek physique, are fascinating creatures with a host of unique traits. One of their most distinctive features is their incredible acceleration and top speed. Hence making them the fastest land animals on Earth. Capable of reaching speeds of up to 60 to 70 miles per hour in just a few strides. And cheetahs can cover distances of up to 500 meters in less than 10 seconds, showcasing their remarkable agility and prowess as predators.

Despite their impressive speed, cheetahs possess relatively small, lightweight bodies compared to other big cats, which enables them to achieve such remarkable velocities. Their bodies are finely tuned for speed, with elongated limbs. A flexible spine, and large nasal passages that facilitate efficient breathing during high-speed chases. Additionally, their distinctive black tear stains in face, known as “tear marks,” serve a practical purpose, reducing glare from the sun and enhancing their vision during hunts.

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