What Is The Best Time To Visit Rwanda?

Best time to visit Rwanda – The optimal period to explore Rwanda is typically from June to September, coinciding with the Dry season, which offers ideal conditions for wildlife observation. During this time, the lush landscapes transform into prime settings for encountering Rwanda’s diverse fauna. Notably, primate walks through the verdant forests are a quintessential aspect of any Rwandan safari experience. While the rainforest habitat inherently maintains a high level of moisture, the Dry season mitigates the intensity of rainfall, facilitating more comfortable and accessible treks for visitors.

Traversing the forest trails during the Dry season proves significantly more manageable, enhancing the overall primate-watching adventure. This timeframe also aligns with the recommended period for engaging in various primate encounters, including the renowned gorilla trekking excursions. With diminished precipitation, explorers can navigate through the terrain with greater ease and revel in uninterrupted wildlife sightings. Hence making the Dry season an optimal choice for immersive wildlife experiences.

Despite the persistence of some rain in Rwanda’s rainforests, the Dry season offers a reprieve from the deluge. This allows travelers to fully immerse themselves in the breathtaking natural splendor without the hindrance of heavy downpours. Whether embarking on a gorilla trek or exploring other primate habitats, visitors can expect enhanced accessibility during this period. Hence ensuring a memorable and rewarding safari adventure in Rwanda’s pristine wilderness.

HIGH (DRY) SEASONS – June to September and December to February

The period from June to mid-September marks Rwanda’s extended dry season. Widely regarded as the optimal time for visiting if flexibility allows. Throughout both of Rwanda’s dry seasons, light cloud cover is frequently present, serving to temper the temperatures while occasionally ushering in brief showers. This delicate balance of weather conditions enhances the overall comfort of exploration. Hence making it an attractive window for travelers seeking to experience Rwanda’s natural wonders.

Plus SymbolExcellent time for trekking gorillasMinus SymbolGorilla permits need to be booked far in advance
Plus SymbolClear skies, more sunshine and less rainMinus SymbolAccommodation needs to be booked far in advance
Plus SymbolEven though peak season, the parks are less busy than Kenya and TanzaniaMinus SymbolSchool holidays in northern and southern hemisphere – therefor need to book in advance
Plus SymbolA great time to combine with a Kenya or Tanzania safari

LOW (WET) SEASONS – March to May and October/November

Rwanda experiences a prolonged rainy season from approximately March to May, characterized by heavy and consistent rainfall. Following this, a shorter rainy season occurs from October to November, which transitions into a brief dry spell from December to February. This alternating pattern of rainfall defines Rwanda’s seasonal climate, shaping the landscape and influencing travel considerations throughout the year.

Plus SymbolAlthough these months are wet, the climate will remain comfortably warmMinus SymbolWettest months of the year, making trekking gorillas more challenging
Plus SymbolA good time to visit Chimpanzees in Nyungwe ForestMinus SymbolMore difficult to get around by vehicle
Plus SymbolAccommodation is more affordableMinus SymbolSome lodges and camps close down
Plus SymbolGenocide memorial week takes place in April.Minus SymbolForest trails can be in poor condition

Best time to Visit National Parks & Reserves in Rwanda

Rwanda’s climate presents one concise dry season, one brief rainy season, one extended dry season, and one prolonged wet season. While trekking to observe mountain gorillas remains a viable adventure throughout the year. The optimal periods for such expeditions are during the dry seasons spanning from December to February and from June to September. It cannot be overstated how essential it is to secure gorilla permits well in advance. Underscoring the importance of early reservations to ensure availability for this unforgettable experience.

Guide Table

Green DotOrange DotYellow DotRed DotWhen to go on an African Safari
Volcanoes National ParkGreen DotGreen DotGreen Dotdot-orange-f29f23dot-orange-f29f23dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-orange-f29f23Green Dot
Nyungwe ForestGreen DotGreen DotGreen Dotdot-orange-f29f23dot-orange-f29f23dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-orange-f29f23Green Dot

How Safe Is A Visit In Rwanda?

Since the 1994 Rwanda genocide, the country has experienced remarkable peace, welcoming visitors at any time. Rwanda maintains stringent regulations concerning items brought across its borders, with drugs and narcotics strictly prohibited. Engaging in unlawful activities within Rwanda may result in severe consequences, including imprisonment or substantial fines.

Individuals must prioritize personal safety by safeguarding their finances, avoiding conspicuous displays of wealth while in public areas. Exercise caution when admitting unfamiliar individuals into personal accommodations to mitigate potential risks associated with inviting unknown persons.

Responsible waste management is paramount while visiting Rwanda, as littering may result in penalties. Additionally, adherence to traffic regulations, such as refraining from driving off the shoulder, is essential in respecting Rwanda’s commitment to environmental conservation.

Things To Do In Rwanda

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda


Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure amidst Rwanda’s breathtaking landscapes, with gorilla trekking at the forefront. Volcanoes National Park stands as the exclusive destination for this exhilarating experience, boasting approximately 15 gorilla trekking families ready for exploration. Encounter magnificent creatures such as Kwitonda, Agashya, and Amahoro in their natural habitat.

<<Rwanda Gorilla Permits>>

Secure your Rwanda gorilla permit through Encounter Africa Safaris, ensuring a seamless journey into the heart of the wilderness. With only 96 permits available globally, demand is high, necessitating early booking to secure your spot. Prices vary based on residency, with foreign non-residents priced at $1500, foreign residents at $500, and East Africans at $300.

Golden Monkey Trekking


Discover the charm of golden monkeys, residents of Volcanoes National Park, on an enchanting trekking adventure. Witness their playful nature amidst the lush foliage as they navigate from branch to branch. Ensure to obtain a Golden Monkey trekking permit from the Rwanda Development Board for a one-hour encounter with these delightful primates.

Chimpanzee Trekking in Rwanda


Delve into the world of Rwanda’s chimpanzees in Nyungwe National Park, home to these captivating creatures. Trek through the park’s verdant trails to encounter semi-habituated chimpanzee communities, offering a glimpse into their natural behavior. Keep an eye out for other monkey species such as black and white colobus and red-tailed monkeys along the way.

Rwanda Birding


Embark on an ornithological adventure through Rwanda’s diverse landscapes, home to over 800 bird species. Explore renowned birding destinations like Nyungwe National Park and Volcanoes Forest, guided by professional birding experts. Spot rare species such as Archer’s Robin-Chat and Rwenzori Turaco amidst the rich biodiversity.

Game Drives in Rwanda


Explore the wilderness of Akagera National Park on thrilling game drives, where wildlife roams amidst stunning vistas. Spot iconic species including zebras, rhinos, and lions as the park continues its recovery from past challenges.

Kigali City Tour


Discover the vibrant city of Kigali on a guided tour, exploring cultural landmarks and historical sites. Visit institutions like the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology and delve into Rwanda’s rich heritage at the Rwanda Ancient History Museum.

Canopy Walk


Experience the unparalleled beauty of Nyungwe National Park from a unique vantage point on the canopy walk. Traverse the suspension bridge spanning the lush rainforest canopy, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and a thrilling adventure unlike any other in East Africa.

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