When Is The Best Time To Visit Zimbabwe?

Time To Visit Zimbabwe – The optimal time to visit Zimbabwe is during the dry season, spanning from July to October. This period experiences minimal rainfall, resulting in sparse vegetation and prompting wildlife to gather around limited water sources. These conditions create prime opportunities for remarkable safaris and game viewing experiences in renowned destinations like Mana Pools, Hwange National Park, and Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve. Visitors can witness a diverse array of wildlife congregating around watering holes and rivers, offering unparalleled sightings and photographic opportunities against the backdrop of the arid landscape.

Alternatively, from April to June, Zimbabwe showcases the majestic Victoria Falls in their full splendor. During this time, the Zambezi River swells with the onset of summer rains, leading to a dramatic increase in water flow over the Falls. The cascading water creates an awe-inspiring spectacle as it plunges into the gorge below, surrounded by lush vegetation and vibrant foliage. This period presents an ideal opportunity to witness the sheer power and beauty of one of the world’s most iconic natural wonders, providing an unforgettable experience for visitors seeking the ultimate waterfall adventure in Zimbabwe.


Zimbabwe’s seasons

HIGH (DRY) SEASON – July, August, September and October

Plus SymbolWarm and sunny weather with moderate temperaturesMinus SymbolNights can be particularly cold in July
Plus SymbolSunshine and blue skiesMinus SymbolOctober is typically the hottest month
Plus SymbolLower Malaria risk
Plus SymbolWater sources are lower. Animals tend to gather around water holes.

Shoulder Season – April, May, June and November

Plus SymbolFebruary is an excellent time for bird watchingMinus SymbolHot and humid weather (November to March are the hottest months)
Plus SymbolHeavy but short downpoursMinus SymbolMore challenging to spot wildlife
Plus SymbolLocalised afternoon thunderstormsMinus SymbolMore mosquitoes about
Plus SymbolPossibility of seeing new born animalsMinus SymbolPeak wet months January and February

Low (Wet) Season – December, January, February and March

Plus SymbolEnd of the wet seasonMinus SymbolGrass can be high which can impede the viewing of wildlife
Plus SymbolPleasant TemperaturesMinus SymbolNovember can be very hot
Plus SymbolStill chance to see animals around water holesMinus SymbolNights can be very cold in June
Plus SymbolRutting season for some antelope

When to visit Zimbabwe’s national parks and game reserves

The optimal time to visit Zimbabwe is typically from June or July to October. During this period, wildlife viewing is exceptional as animals congregate around rivers and waterholes, offering superb opportunities for observation. Hwange National Park, in particular, boasts impressive wildlife sightings, with large herds of elephants drawn to artificially pumped waterholes. While Victoria Falls is a captivating attraction year-round, its splendor peaks from February to June when water flow reaches its zenith. The spectacle remains impressive from July to September, characterized by reduced spray and clearer views, making it an ideal time for visitors to marvel at this natural wonder.

Green DotOrange DotYellow DotRed DotWhen to go on an African Safari

Hwange National Park (Main Camp & Sinamatella)dot-red-b94e00dot-red-b94e00dot-red-b94e00dot-yellow-bcb101dot-yellow-bcb101dot-orange-f29f23dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-yellow-bcb101dot-red-b94e00
Hwange National Park (Makalolo/Somalisa)dot-red-b94e00dot-red-b94e00dot-red-b94e00Red DotRed DotGreen Dotdot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02Green Dotdot-red-b94e00
Matusadona National Parkdot-orange-f29f23dot-orange-f29f23dot-orange-f29f23dot-orange-f29f23dot-orange-f29f23dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-orange-f29f23
Mana Pools National Parkdot-red-b94e00dot-red-b94e00dot-red-b94e00dot-yellow-bcb101dot-yellow-bcb101dot-orange-f29f23dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-orange-f29f23dot-red-b94e00
Matobo National Parkdot-red-b94e00dot-red-b94e00dot-red-b94e00dot-yellow-bcb101dot-orange-f29f23dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-light-green-388d02dot-orange-f29f23dot-orange-f29f23dot-red-b94e00

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